The Bicentennial Celebration

The Bicentennial Celebration Committee will be planning a year of events in honor of the City of Norton’s milestone.

The City of Norton

The City of Norton, originally part of the Wolf Creek Township, was organized in 1818. The city was named after Birdsey Norton, one of the original owners of the Wolf Creek Township.

In spring of 1818, when the independent township was formed, an election was held on the first Monday of April electing Joseph D. Humphrey as Town Clerk, and Abraham Van Hyning, Ezra Way and Charles Lyons as Trustees. Joseph Homes, Elisha Hinsdale and John Cahow were named the Supervisors of Highways for that year, and Henry Van Hyning Sr. was named justice of the peace.

Norton’s population remained small until after 1900. In 1920, it increased to 2,935 people and continued to grow through the 20th century. The city now has a population of over 12,000 people.

In 2018, the City of Norton will celebrate its 200 year anniversary with a yearlong celebration commemorating its growth and long history. Join us in celebrating our growing community.

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